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Welcome to the wiki (often called "ADN") is a multi-purpose social platform with a strong and diverse user and developer ecosystem.

As a user, lets you interact with a vibrant international community using a wide variety of apps and still own your own data. Whether it's the 256 character allowance in the conversation streams, or a passion for social interaction, users appreciate the ability to have genuine and meaningful conversations on[1]. Beyond microblogging, there are topic-based chat rooms, private messaging, community music video casts, as well as regular user-driven events.

As a developer, you can build on top of a platform that is ad-free and puts users first, as well as interact directly with other developers and end-users in an innovation-friendly community. Developers looking to build apps should also check out the developer resources.

This Wiki is serves as an knowledge-base and is maintained by volunteers.

A few popular pages to get you started

A guide for new users - start here!





  • Vidcast - chat while enjoying media from several sources in real time.
  • WednesdayChallenge - write a themed 1-post story!
  • WorkChat - give or get tips to work smarter.


More to explore

Useful external links

  1. Report from the ADN community chats -, July 24 2014
Event calendar

Please see the Current Events page for more detail.

Weekly events

Monday MondayNightDanceParty - request your favourite music.
Tuesday TuesdayChallenge - create themed art.
Wednesday WednesdayChallenge - write a themed 1-post story.
Friday GameFriday - get your game face on!
Friday too! WorkChat - get or give tips that help you work smarter.
Sunday QuoteSunday - post a quote that sums up what you're thinking.

Monthly events

  • Every 15th day of the month - BookClub - read and discuss a book together.
  • Every second Monday of the month - ThemeMonday (starts on Sunday around noon UTC) - change your avatar to a theme for a day or more.

Irregular events

  • Discover ADN - short podcasts interviewing interesting ADN users. (Released around every 3 days.)
  • The community-run chats with ADN users.